Thirteen-Year-Old Student Honored by John Hopkins University

Hanan Jaddi, a thirteen-year-old Hyderabadi student from Seattle, Washington, has recently been accepted into the Young Scholars Program at the University of Washington. Recognized as one of the most prestigious early entrance programs in the nation, it facilitates early entry into the University of Washington for a carefully selected group of about fourteen highly capable students younger than 15 years of age.

Hanan was pulled out of elementary school in 3rd grade, for he did not find the curriculum challenging, and since then he has been home-schooled by his mother, Hina Khalidi Jaddi. As he excelled in his studies, he completed 9th grade at the age of 13.

Hanan has been selected for the Grand Honors Award by John Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth for being among the highest scorers at his grade level on the ACT this year, and the ceremony will be held in Washington DC in spring of 2013. He is aspiring to pursue a career in robotic neurosurgery.

In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, Xbox 360, and beat-boxing. Hanan’s father is Kabir Jaddi, who is the son of Khader Jaddi and nephew of Ahmad Jaddi (Seattle) and Mazher Jaddi (Naperville, Chicago). Hanan is the grandson of Dr. Rasheed Khalidi (Hyderabad). (Hasan Chishti,



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