Hamid Malik will be Missed and Mourned
By Pervaiz Ahmad
Fullerton, CA

Our dear friend Hamid Malik, owner of Amtrend Corporation, Fullerton, California passed away peacefully on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at the Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. He is survived by his wife, Javeda of 35 years, a daughter, Najia, a son- in- law Omar Chaudhry, a newly born grand daughter, two sons, Shehzad and Wasim, his mother and a large extended family.

Wednesday was a normal working day for most of us, taking care of responsibilities in our respective roles. While the sun was rising to gain its full intensity and business was as usual for most of us, a sense of restlessness was brewing in the Malik family when Hamid called his two brothers early AM from his home to come to the Hoag Hospital as he was experiencing slight chest pain. After performing a few tests, the attending doctor informed the family that Hamid must undergo a heart surgery (bypass) because three major arteries were blocked. The prognosis did not go smoothly with the Malik family as they were contemplating an out-patient surgery. As the family was getting mentally ready for a major surgery arrangements in the reception area, he experienced a severe heart attack and breathed his last before noon time.

The news of Hamid’s death spread like wild fire throughout California and across the seven seas, far and beyond, because he was loved by all, young and old, high profile people like the dignitaries of the Los Angeles County, including Congressman, Senators , Sheriffs, Academia and Businessmen. We were both diehard supporters of President Barrack Obama in the 2008 elections and ran into each other at the victory party in 2008 in Costa Mesa amongst a sea of supporters who had gathered to celebrate a historical victory, a Black Senator elected to be the President of the United States. Hamid was always in the forefront to organize fundraisers for various local political candidates at his spacious home or in public places.

Hamid Malik’s family hails from Peshawar but he was born in Karachi in 1948, came to the United States in 1970, lived initially in Inglewood, struggling like most of us, working odd jobs to make ends meet. Owner of Amtrend Corporation, a furniture manufacturing company in Fullerton for the last 30 plus years, his business grew leaps and bounds because of his dedication to his work coupled with high business ethics. Regardless of how tired and busy he was a day earlier, he would always arrive in his office on time to set an example to his 90 plus employees. He strongly believed that one should lead by example not just rhetoric . He followed the same philosophy in all segments of his life, always pragmatic and rational in his approach.

While most of his extended family lives in California, one brother, his daughter , son- in- law and his youngest son flew in from Pakistan, England and Dubai respectively to join him in his final journey to meet the Creator. A man of infinite qualities, down to earth, soft-spoken and simple by nature he shouldered his responsibilities to help his family and the community with amazing grace and fervor with never a frown on his forehead when confronted with problems, no matter how severe or exasperating.

A former resident of Mission Viejo and Yorba Linda, he finally settled down in his beautiful new home in Santa Ana Heights, California about 10 years ago from where the view of entire Orange County is spell-bounding. He recently became a proud grandfather, born to his only daughter Najia just a couple of months ago. When I congratulated him on this significant occasion, he jokingly uttered, “Before my friends referred to me as a Godfather and now I have officially become a grandfather”. Being the eldest amongst the siblings he was like a father figure to them as one brother put it, helping his brothers in various businesses to become financially independent.

Outside his family, he helped many organizations financially and as an advisor to ease their growing pains while they were trying to achieve their agenda by using his contacts in the Consulate and the Embassy in the United States. Hamid served the community tirelessly and selflessly for as long as I knew him, which is about 26 years. The first secretary he hired has been with him since he started his company 32 years ago; she and her family are always invited on special occasions in family gatherings.

He brought friends together whenever they needed him to settle their differences, if someone had a domestic issue he was always available to mend their differences or sort out any misunderstandings. In the community he was a bridge builder, a uniter for all ethnic groups, regardless of their political or religious affiliations so that all could work together and live in harmony and with tolerance. He actively arranged interfaith meetings to diminish differences amongst religious groups to ensure that harmony could prevail at all levels.

Because of his personality and tireless community work, people came pouring in from all walks of life to pay homage to a man in his final journey , a man who dedicated his life for the betterment of community. Close to a thousand people showed up to witness the burial of a man who worked assiduously for his community at-large. Sheriff Lee Baca attended the mosque services and spoke highly of Hamid’s contribution to the community. He will be missed by all his friends and community alike for a long long time to come. May God rest his soul in peace.



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