Legacy of Hamid Malik Must Live
By Razaq M Chaudhry


On May 23, 2012, a sudden and untimely demise of Hamid Malik not only put everyone in the Pakistan American Community of greater Los Angeles area in a sense of shock and grief but left many mainstream American friends including several public officials in a reverential awe.

Hamid Malik was the jewel of the community. Blessed with a tender heart filled with vast compassion and humility, he extended his hand with a pearl smile to anyone who sought comfort and wanted to be consoled in overcoming issues, trivial or monumental, facing them in their everyday lives.

The somber faces and wet eyes of hundreds of his friends at the funeral were a fine reflection of the legacy he left behind; a lesson for all of us to remember: “smile, cherish the life and offer ourselves to anyone who needs us”. There aren’t enough words that attribute his remarkable kindness to us. May Allah rest his soul in peace. Amin.



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