PAC 20th Annual US Pakistan Friendship Summit


The PAC 20th Annual US Pakistan Friendship Summit will be held in Washington, DC on June 17-18, 2012, according to an announcement. The topic this year will be “US-Pakistan Relations - Challenges and Opportunities.”

The following guest speakers will address:

• Ambassador Marc Grossman, US Department of State, Special Representative to Pakistan & Afghanistan.

• Ambassador Sherry Rehman, Embassy of Pakistan, USA, will present the point of view of the Government of Pakistan.

• Ambassador Robin Raphael, US Department of State.

• Lisa Cutis, Heritage Foundation. Senior Research Fellow on South Asia

• Anusha Rahman Khan, MNA from Pakistan, will present the perspective on behalf of the people of Pakistan.

• Marvin Weinbaum, Middle East Institute, scholar and analyst on Pakistan.

• Syed Mowahid Hussain, Attorney, writer, scholar and analyst.

• 15-20 Congressmen and Senators, and many notable speakers.

For more details please contact Dr. Khalid Luqman (908 705-5207 Email: or Victor Gill (215 821-7860 Email:



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