Saba Trust’s Services Win Accolades

“We were blessed that Mr. Fahad Saad Al Khtani, a Director from Saudi Arabia,  honored us with his visit,” says a Saba Trust press release. It adds:    During his visit to Saba Trust–Saba Homes, and Saba Schools, Shaikh Fahad profusely complimented the services and facilities offered by Saba Trust. His observations were truly heart-warming. A small sampling:

“Brother Aslam, I have never met a man in my entire career and my entire life with a passion and love for orphans as you”.  Shaikh Fahad indicated that the accommodation and food (it was lunch time when he visited Saba Trust) and “most important of all your love and affection for them (children in the orphanage) is unique”.  Shaikh Fahad Saad observed, “I am truly impressed with their accommodation.  You,  Brother Aslam, have thought of each and every little thing to make them comfortable and feel at home.”  He admired the attention and consideration given to the minutest details, including the paint in each bedroom, to impart a istinct identity to the setting so that the girls could own and proudly associate themselves with the immediate surroundings. The setup is indisputably better than what most people provide to their own children.

Shaikh Saad was completely blown away when Mr Saghir Aslam, Chairman, Saba Aslam Education & Welfare Trust, showed him a copy of “my Alaf Qur’an where every single line from the beginning to the end starts with Alaf.  As we all know Masha Allah the Saudi government prints and gifts many different and unique copies of the Qur’an as well as regular copies of the Holy Book. The Saudi government distributes  copies of the Qur’an all over the world in millions and some of them are unique but he loved our Alaf Qur’an.

“Shaikh Fahad Saad Al Khtani loved the garden we have planned for our forty daughters.  He enjoyed the large selection of fruit trees and all the seasonal vegetables planted for the orphan girls. Sometime the girls plant the trees with Papa and Mama.

“Shaikh Al Khtani praised the way we have been trying to impart well-rounded education - religious as well as worldly education.  He was impressed with the knowledge of girls at their age.”

Dr M. Sarfraz Gul who visited the Saba Homes a day earlier, was also appreciative of the services and facilities offered by the orphanage to its boarders and recorded his observations thus:

“I think, I should be part of this great work.  I’m really impressed.  Today I felt myself proud of being a Pakistani citizen.  Also, I am thankful to the American people who are not only motivating us to do good charity work but also helping us doing this great work by way of material and monetary support.  Lastly, the best part of this charity work is that here we are helping that section of society, I mean women, who are mostly oppressed. I feel very happy on visiting Saba Homes.  Thank you so much.”



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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