Sacramento Experiences a Buzz of Social Activity
A Pakistan Link Report

Sacramento, California has been experiencing a buzz of social activity recently as reflected on Sunday February 26th when the local community held not one but two events to liven things up.

The first was a Bridal-Fashion show combination at SHAZ Restaurant, where the ladies in the area got an opportunity to interact with area businesses who specialize in all aspects of the wedding or Shaadi business. From cakes, henna, jewelry and clothes, the afternoon proved to be a good beginning because Sacramento has been somewhat lacking such exposure. Desi weddings in the area on the other hand are in full swing and the organizers of this event need to be commended for planning and executing this show.

The second event of the day was nothing less than spectacular. The 75th birthday of Muhammad Aslam Adenwala was celebrated with a great deal of fanfare as Mrs. Roshan Adenwala accompanied her husband along with ghazal superstar Munni Begum (especially invited for this event) in the cutting of a huge birthday cake. Congratulations are in order to Bilal and Sadiya and all of the Adenwalas for sharing this fine birthday event with over 400 of their closest friends. It was one of the best evenings that this city has ever witnessed in a long time.

A closely held birthday surprise for Mr. Adenwala, performer Munni Begum was at her singing best as she took the audience on a trip through memory lane with an outstanding ghazal singing performance.  Unfortunately for many of us it was Sunday night and our listening time was limited.



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