Scope Youth Programs for Community (SYPC): “Learn and Fun” Field Trip to 1001 Inventions
By Kamran Haque

Glimpses of the “Fun and Learn” field trip to 1001 Inventions

Riverside CA: SCOPE –Southern California Organization of Pak-American Engineers - organized a “Fun and Learn” field trip for the youth to 1001 Inventions Exhibit at California Science Center. The event was arranged under SCOPE YOUTH PROGRAMS for COMMUNITY (SYPC) initiative. The SYPC initiative is a multilevel volunteer program that fosters social and intellectual development of the Pakistani American youth.

Fun and Learn: Fun and Learn Programs are presented with outdoor field trips that are both educational and fun – for all ages and families.

Pick a Path: The programs provide interactive sessions with working professionals from multiple disciplines for High School Students planning a career path.

The Career Roadmap: Designed for Senior College Students to provide assistance in career planning, counseling and mentorship to meet the challenges of a successful academic life transition to a working professional life.

“We are grateful to be a part of the SYPC Career Road Map Program and the outstanding benefit it has provided in our transition from college to awWork life,” says Amar Siddiqui of USC and Saad Siddiqui of UCR.

“I am very pleased to see the continued growth of these (SCOPE & SYPC) community development programs over the years and the youth appreciation and involvement on all levels. I truly appreciate the effort that SCOPE has put into making this a success,” says Rizwan Uraizee, a local CPA from Orange County.

The 1001 Invention Field Trip was a guided review of the historic contribution of Muslim scientists to world of science and technology- as we see it today. Attended by youth and prominent community leaders from all corners of the Southern California region, the day-long field trip offered a variety of learning perspectives. Featuring a diverse range of exhibits, interactive displays and dramatization, the exhibition shows how many modern inventions, spanning fields such as engineering, medicine and design, can trace their roots back to the Muslim civilization. This interactive exhibition is packed with discoveries and inventions made during the Muslim civilization spanning a thousand years. With automatic machines and medical marvels, astronomical observations and inspiring architecture, one can discover a period of history he/she might never have explored before.

The Youth were excited and pleasantly surprised to learn about the Muslim civilization that stretched from southern Spain to as far as China. For a thousand years from the 7th century onwards, scholars of many faiths built on the ancient knowledge of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, making breakthroughs that helped pave the way for the Renaissance. The discoveries made by men and women during the Muslim civilization have left their mark and impact the way we live today.

The exhibit recognizing the Muslim scientists was very well depicted with audio visual and interactive tools that spiked the interest of all in attendance. But that was just a small part of the overall California Science Center. For details of the program contact or visit the website at




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