Javed Hashmi Hopeful of Bringing Real Change in Pakistan
Pictures by Anwar Khawaja

Javed Hashmi, President of Pakistan Tereeke Insaf (PTI), recently visited several major cities in the USA to mobilize the Pakistani Americans and urge them to join PTI and help Imran Khan to bring a real change in Pakistan. Dr Razaq Chaudhry, one of the first PTI activists in Los Angles, hosted a luncheon in honor of Mr. Javed Hashmi and Mr. Shahid Mahmood Khan, former MPA from Multan, at the picturesque Vellano Country Club in the City of Chino Hills on March 4, 2012. The luncheon was attended by several key members of the Pakistani-American community.

Welcoming Mr Javed Hashmi, Dr Razaq shed some light on the recent past of Pakistani politics, why Imran Khan launched PTI, what its mission is and why a huge number of ordinary Pakistanis and leading politicians have decided to support the PTI. He said that in the recent past several democratically elected governments were dismissed on charges of corruption, by the civilian Presidents under the 8 th Amendment or forcibly by the military dictators. Though the people of Pakistan have been disappointed at the failure of totally incompetent civilian rulers and the ruthless military dictators, in 2008 the people of Pakistan showed their confidence one more time in the democratic process and brought the PPP to power through general elections. But the present PPP government has broken all records of corruption and mismanagement in Pakistan and has brought every institution to its knees. The PPP government has systematically destroyed every major sector through appointment of top individuals who are absolutely unqualified and unwilling to carry out their responsibilities. The Prime Minister appointed top officials based on not their relevant experience but purely on the basis of personal likings and friendship.

The people of Pakistan are fed up with the current horrific situation and want to bring a leader to power who could bring a real change in the lives of the people. The people of Pakistan believe that Imran Khan is the that leader who could steer the country out of this turmoil and lead the nation to a place where every individual feels proud of being a Pakistani and works tirelessly to take Pakistan among the most developed and respected countries of the world.

Dr. Razaq said that with the presence of well trusted and untainted politician in PTI such as Mr. Javed Hashmi, PTI will bring a real change in Pakistan quickly, a change where every individual feels safe and lives without any fear and works to bring their and their children’s dreams come true.

In his address, Mr. Javed Hashmi explained why he and many other senior political leaders have decided to join Imran Khan. He pointed out the reasons for the failure of the successive governments in Pakistan. He said that there is one and only one reason why successive governments failed in Pakistan and that every government appointed at every key post in every top institution totally incompetent individuals, the individuals who were more interested in racking the national wealth for themselves and for the cronies rather than working for those whom they represented. Mr. Hashmi said that he decided to join Imran Khan after realizing that Imran Khan has worked over 15 years to nurture PTI and that he is one individual who is honest, trustworthy, hardworking and who does not compromise on principles. Mr Hashmi further said that people of his constituency have risen up with him and are ready to bring a real change in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan in far-flung areas including Tribal areas, FATA and in all four provinces; KP, Punjab, Sind and Baluchistan, are excited and working with PTI to bring a real change in Pakistan. He stressed that PTI needs the full support of all the Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan.


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