A Rare Tribute to Saba Trust-Saba Homes
By Nadia Seemi

March 6 th, 2012 turned out to be an unusual day for the administrative staff and residents of Saba Homes. They were pleasantly surprised to see Mr. Deepak Prabhakar Gokulsing, Acting High Commissioner of Mauritius, who had visited the orphanage barely a week ago, in their midst. He had made the arduous journey and was back again in the inspirational setting of Saba Homes.

The High Commissioner did not hide his excitement: “It has been very rare in my life that I have visited any NGO – Trust for the second time. I do not consider Saba Homes as an NGO. I am so impressed that I do not have any proper words to describe my feelings except to say that I have never in my career that spans a long time and has taken me to many different countries seen any institution even remotely close to Saba Trust – Saba Homes.

“Mr. Aslam who is the founder and head of this institution is my hero. In such a short visit I was really moved. After my visit a week ago I was so impressed that when I reached my office in Islamabad, I immediately contacted one of the prominent business leaders in my country and said to him, ‘You must come and visit a unique institution. I guarantee you will love it because I fell in love with this institution and Mr. Aslam after I visited Saba Homes last week. Mr. Aslam is such an inspiring figure and he has touched my heart. I have made up my mind and I am committed to be the Saba Trust–Saba Homes ambassador wherever I go. On my next posting and a posting after that wherever it may be, I will be promoting Saba Trust–Saba Homes.”

When Mr. Aslam addressed him as ‘Your Excellency,’ he promptly stopped him. “I am your brother, just call me by my first name,” the High Commissioner insisted.

Mr Gokulsing had a brief meeting with the Saba Home staff and while he was talking to them his thoughts, feelings and plans for the present and the future of Saba Homes were emotionally aired by him. Everyone was moved. Mr. Aslam was not simply misty-eyed, but tears rolled down his cheeks. As the High Commissioner continued to praise Saba Trust–Saba Homes the founder’s tears continued to flow.

Said Mr Saghir Aslam: “This was a visit that will not be forgotten as long as I live. It’s my faith that everything fits into the plans of Allah ST. God had blessed me over and over again. I do not even know where and how Almighty God sends his help to me. There are many, many blessings of Allah ST in my life but this one topped them all. I don’t have words to fully express my gratitude to Allah ST for his bountiful blessings. (The writer is Office Manager of Saba Aslam Education & Welfare Trust)


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