Pakistan Embassy’s Concern for Pakistani Americans during Hurricane Sandy
By C. Naseer Ahmad

Hurricane Sandy had barely started pounding the eastern part of the United States when an early morning text message arrived on the phones: “Hope you are safe and have taken all necessary precautions for the storm. The Pakistan Embassy and our Consulate in NY will try and stay in contact with community members about their well-being. Most respectfully, Salman Sharif, Embassy of Pakistan, Washington.”

Several times during this difficult time for many residents along the East coast, Pakistan Embassy sent emails like “Inquiries about Pakistani Americans affected by Hurricane Sandy in NY and NJ area”. This was an unprecedented level of concern for Pakistani Americans with clear messages like “as the US Government takes emergency measures to deal with Hurricane Sandy, the Embassy of Pakistan urges members of the Pakistani American community in the affected States to take all necessary precautions as advised by the local authorities to ensure safety.”

The Ambassador of Pakistan and the entire staff deserve commendation for their coordinated and sustained efforts for their concern for Pakistani Americans.



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