COPAA Pledges $10,000 for Hurricane Sandy Victims


A COPAA Press Release states: As temperatures get colder, the relief efforts get harder. Super storm Sandy has ravaged the cities but has not crushed the spirits of Americans. Soldiers and out-of-state National Guard members, and Federal Reserve Management Agency, and the Red Cross have been working tirelessly to bring normality back to life for the affected people.

 COPAA and the American Pakistani community express their solidarity with the victims of the super storm Sandy. The devastation caused by the storm has affected all the communities. Not only do our fellow Americans have our prayers and sympathy, they also have our financial support to help rebuild their lives. COPAA and its board pledges $10,000 as a humble pledge of support. 

COPAA is planning an additional fundraiser to collect donations for Red Cross; event date with details will be announced in a press release later. 

COPAA has been in touch with the affected people in the storm-ravaged areas and is working with all agencies to ensure that their lives get back to normal. 

We urge you to donate generously to Red Cross:


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