COPAA Joins Millions of Pakistanis in Condemning Attack on Malala

COPAA joins the millions of Pakistani who are distressed and heart-broken at the shooting of a young teenage activist in Swat by the Taliban. Malala Yosufzai is a young girl from Peshawar who came to world stage after she wrote a diary about her life under the Taliban for the BBC. Later, a New York Times reporter, Adam Ellick, featured her in a documentary.
See Adam Ellick's blog below:
After being shot, Malala was rushed to the hospital in Peshawar. Although the bullet has been extracted, her condition remains critical.
Young Malala was merely asking for her basic right, which is to get an education, before the Taliban sought her out and shot her to make an example and spread fear in the region. Malala's bravery, resilience, and defiance against the Taliban are symbolic of what one person can do to change the world.
COPAA has expressed concern for the safety of young Malala to the Government of Pakistan and has urged the government to send her abroad for treatment and rehabilitation.
The US State Department also spoke out strongly against the shooting. In a statement, Secretary Clinton said that the young girl has been "very brave" in standing up for the rights of girls. "So yesterday's attack reminds us of the challenges that girls face, whether it's poverty or marginalization or even violence, just for speaking out for their basic rights," the US Secretary of State explained.
We pray for the speedy recovery of Malala, who is beacon of life and hope in an area of Pakistan plagued by Taliban.
COPAA board members have spoken out against the oppression of Taliban, just yesterday on Huffington Post TV. We urge all Muslims to join our voice against oppression and in support of girls' education throughout the world.

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