Dr Shahid Athar Speaks at the Sikh Prayer Service

Dr Shahid Athar, who writes insightful pieces for Pakistan Link, was invited to speak at the Sikh prayer service in Wisconsin on August 8 following the shooting at the Gurdawara. He also wrote a letter “Turn hate into love” in the Indianapolis Star, a local newspaper, on August 6 to express his anguish at the tragic happening. )


Turn hate into love


I just learned about the senseless shooting at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. I am saddened and offer my condolence to the family of innocent victims and the entire Sikh community. May God comfort them and give us courage to be strong in our faith. Let the hate of hate mongers turn into love so that we could live together peacefully. I also urge the authorities to give equal importance in their fight against domestic terrorism and international terrorism.



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