CBC to Conduct Voter Education Workshops

The political theatre of the Republican and Democratic parties is now over. Some talented speakers adorned their stages to inspire their supporters. A senator from Florida and a former President from Arkansas made some compelling arguments for their favorite candidates and their party’s causes. Now the curtain has fallen, the applause has died down and the crowds have dispersed. The race for the White House has entered its final lap.

 During  the last three years we have witnessed the birth and rise of the Tea Party movement - alarming in their rhetoric, uncompromising in their positions, hawkish in their attitudes.  For a transient period,  we also saw  the drama of the Occupy Movement creating chaos and trouble for the institutions of power and authority in the nation. We saw also the progressive use of Muslim bashing to excite emotions, gain cheap votes and defame a whole community. Hate speech became more organized, more  common and more hateful. The quest for a more perfect union arguably seems to have become more elusive in America today than it has been in years gone by. There is more violence in our neighborhoods. There is more disdain and dissent in our public discourse. There is more grid lock and impasse in the affairs of our government.  Rarely before have we seen such division and such divide.

 Notwithstanding this anger and conflict the system continues to inspire fierce love and loyalty for country, on both sides of the political divide. In less than two months now that spirit for democracy and that sense of citizenship will surely be tested again as the nation heads to the polls. Less than 60 percent of eligible voters in America have traditionally shown up at the ballot boxes to vote in the past. Considering the fact that around the globe people are willing to die in order to exercise this right, it is indeed quite distressing and disappointing that such poor anticipation exists in our country.

Community Builders Chicago (CBC) believes that one reason for this apathy and indifference could be the lack of education and understanding of the voters on issues that impact their lives. Without education engagement is more difficult. Hence every four years prior to a presidential election, CBC has offered panel discussions to provide the public with education over the political issues of the day. The effort we hope will help remove some of the misinformation that is often spread through the play of sound bites in the media and counter claims by the candidates.

 Starting Sunday, Sept 23, 2012 a series of four educational workshops will be offered in different locations within the northern and northwest suburbs. Speakers will be knowledgeable on the topics they will address and impartial in their analysis of the candidates’ positions.

To register

Pl call: 773 770-6166 or

Email: info@mycommunitybuilders.com




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