Greater Boston Pakistani-American Community Joins Pakistan Consulate in Hosting State Dept Sponsored Delegation

The Boston community gathered to give a warm welcome to the International

Visitor Leadership Program participants.   The Pakistan Association of Greater

Boston (PAGB), Association of Pakistani Physicians in New England (APPNE),

and the Organization of Pakistani American Entrepreneurs (OPEN) joined

Honorary Consul General of Pakistan Barry Hoffman in a rousing evening of good

conversation and delicious dinner at the Punjabi Grill Restaurant in Cambridge.

The delegation has already visited Washington DC.

From Boston they head to Zappos in Las Vegas continuing on to Kansas where one member of the delegation has a connection with the Kaplan University. These are some of the highlights of their State Dept.-sponsored trip.

 Shown in the photos are community leaders including Tahir Chaudhry,  Shazia

Khan,   Dr K. K. Khatri,  Imran Sayeed and Barry Hoffman and some of the




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