Community Lauds Efforts of Consulate General and Pakistan Link/Urdu Link

The Consulate General of Pakistan’s efforts in organizing the Pakistan Day celebrations in collaboration with Pakistan Link/Urdu Link have been highly commended by prominent members of the community. The March 23 rd celebration marked the second occasion on which Pakistan Link/Urdu Link joined hands with the Consulate General in organizing a large community event. Last year, an Eid Mela was jointly organized by the two which was also a resounding success.  

Following is a small sampling of the laudatory comments we received from well-known community members.




First of all I would like to welcome the Consul General of Pakistan, Mr Tasawar Khan, to Los Angeles. I wish him all success in his new assignment as the Consul General of Pakistan in Los Angeles.


I wish to take this opportunity to commend the Consulate General of Pakistan and Pakistan Link/Urdu Link for enthusiastically collaborating to organize a great Pakistan Day event this year. This was quite possibly the best Pakistan Day event my wife, Aiesha, and I have attended and we have heard nothing but praise from all who attended the event. We were certainly happy and proud to be a part of these celebrations that were held in commemoration of the passage of the Lahore Resolution, which eventually led to the creation of Pakistan.

 I would also like to commend Arif Mansuri for the wonderful job he is doing in bringing our community together through such events and through his newspapers Pakistan Link/Urdu Link. These newspapers represent exceptional professionalism and high quality and offer our community a great and valuable service.

Congratulations on a very successful and memorable event. You have set a new standard for community events!


Najeeb Ghauri

CEO and Chairman

NetSol Technologies





I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Consulate General of Pakistan Los Angeles and Pakistan Link, the organizers of Pakistan Day 23rd March program.

 I as President of COPAA want to thank Pakistan Link, Arif Mansuri for the hard work and effort he put towards making the Pakistan Day function an event we all can be proud of as Pakistani-Americans. It is not easy to manage an event so large and well attended but Arif Mansuri was able to, along with his Pakistan Link team, make it a success. Pakistan Link delivered a wonderful experience for all who attended. 

I also want to thank and recognize Pakistan Consul Dr Khalid Ejaz for all his efforts and hard work in making this event a huge success.

Dr Erum Ejaz as master of ceremony did an excellent job and managed the stage very well. She is an asset for the Pakistani community in Los Angeles.

Arif, your dedication, commitment and professionalism are admirable. We salute you for your services to the Pakistani American community. Please continue your work as our community needs it.


Adnan Khan


Council of Pakistan American Affairs (COPAA)




I would like to express my deep appreciation to Pakistan Link for co-hosting the Pakistan Day program, along with the Consulate General of Pakistan in Los Angeles, on March 23rd, 2013. Thank you Arif Mansuri and your team for a very successful event at the Cerritos Community Center.  My heartfelt thanks also to Consul General Mr Tasawar Khan and Consul Dr Khalid Ejaz for organizing this event.  Dr Erum Ejaz, in her role as Master of Ceremonies, performed very well and kept the program moving smoothly. The event was fairly represented by all cross-sections of the Pakistani community. 

In collaboration with Pakistan Link, the Consulate of Pakistan has once again demonstrated that it does not have to be a high-priced elite event to be memorable. Last year, the Eid Mela that was organized by the Consulate of Pakistan in collaboration with Pakistan Link, was also a resounding success.

Pakistan Link is a flagship of our community and I wish the publication greater successes in the future. 


Shams Hasan


Al-Shifa Clinic




The Consul General of Pakistan, honorable Mr Tasawar Khan and Mrs Iffat Khan, Honorable Consul of Pakistan Dr Khalid Ejaz, Dr Erum Ejaz, Mr Arif Mansuri and Pakistan Link team deserve kudos for putting together such a felicitous event to commemorate Pakistan Day March 23, 1940.

I was most impressed with the organization and flow of the evening. The impressive decorations that adorned the entire hall were a fitting tribute to our beautiful country of birth, Pakistan. The children who performed, the speeches and the national songs and music added to the beautiful and patriotic ambiance. What impressed me was the great attention to details and the diversity in the crowd. Friends from mainstream America joined us in celebrating Pakistan Day and that made it so much more special.


Mariam Rashid


Development in Literacy (DIL)





 Just a quick note to tell you what an absolutely fabulous time we had at the Pakistan Day event yesterday. The venue was perfect, the speeches wonderful, national songs and music enthralling and the food amazing! Everyone was talking about it the next day. Kudos to the Consulate General of Pakistan and Pakistan Link/Urdu Link on organizing such a wonderful Pakistan Day event. Keep up the great work that you are doing for our community.

Thanks for all the hard work that all of you did to make this event such a great success! 


Samin Faruqi


United for Pakistan Independence Day (UFPID)




Thank you, the Consulate General of Pakistan and Pakistan Link, for organizing such a heartwarming Pakistan Day. The choice of the venue was excellent and very central for all of SoCal residents and the ambience created through the beautiful green and white flags, including the phenomenal Minar-e-Pakistan were exuding the fervor with which the event was organized. Pakistan Link’s editor, Mr. Faruqui, recalled the historic importance of the day and why we commemorate it. It was on March 23rd, that the Lahore Resolution was passed and Muslims decided for one nation for the Muslims of India, Pakistan.

The evening not only provided a chance to meet Pakistanis from all walks but also provided great opportunity to meet senior government officials and discuss many issues of importance. This should now become a yearly tradition. Congratulations to all the organizers for a job well done.


Anila Ali
Educator, Author, Journalist, Community Organizer, Activist, and Human Rights Advocate






This years’ Pakistan Day hosted by Consulate General of Pakistan Los Angeles and Pakistan Link/Urdu Link on March 23rd, was a tribute to a great  struggle that started on this day 73 years ago and culminated with the inception of  Pakistan on August 14, 1947.


This Pakistan Day program was one of the best arranged and managed programs; Dr Erum Ejaz did an outstanding job as the program emcee and moved the program along flawlessly.


We enjoyed the evening listening to our national songs, an informative documentary on Pakistan with facts and figures, short speech on the history of Pakistan Day by Mr Akhtar Faruqui and a Welcome Message from Mr. Arif Mansuri of Pakistan Link/Urdu Link and Consul General Mr. Tasawar Khan. The stage was beautifully decorated with a huge Pakistani flag and so was the entire hall with pictures of Quaid-i-Azam, Allama Iqbal and others. The entertainment part of the program was also very appropriately started with kids signing our national songs and a highly entertaining musical program by Dr. Badruddin Karwa, Waseem Baig and Hanif Noor Mohammad.

I would like to personally congratulate Consul General Mr Tasawar Khan, Consul Dr Khalid Ejaz and Mr Arif Mansuri who brought the leading lights of our community and American community to this event and successfully organized and indisputably made this occasion a very memorable one. They are to be duly commended for these efforts.


Yasmin Qasim MD


HDF Los Angeles Chapter




Congratulations to Pakistan Link on a job well done of the Pakistan Day Celebration on 3-23-13 in collaboration with the Consulate General of Pakistan. .

Watching the video presentation ‘Vibrant Pakistan’ at the event I was reminded of Iqbal's shair:


Description: Assalam o Aleikom  zra nam ho ye mitti buht zarkhaiz hae saqi.......


Keep up the good work and continue to keep the community engaged.


Ahmed Ali




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