Let’s Not Forget the Orphans


This Ramadan Feed an Orphan with Your Fitrana/Zakat

Build a Special Bond with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) since He Was an Orphan Himself

Sponsor an Orphan $50 (Per Month)

Please Donate Now!

Mail Your Check to:

Saba Homes

17815 Sky Park Circle, Suite L, Irvine

CA 92614

Call On:  714-767-SABA (714-767-7222) 714 305 5425

Email:  sabahomes.sca@gmail.com

You Can Also Pay Online: www.sabatrust.org


We have currently 60 orphans (all girls) at Saba Homes in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Most of these orphans are fasting, Saba Homes provides them Sahoor and Iftaar meals during the holy month of Ramadan. Besides Saba Homes provides Iftaar meal to 300-400 needy people per day who otherwise do not have any food to break their fast with. We are in urgent need of financial help to continue this project, therefore we request your support in helping with sustainability of this project for the remaining month of Ramadan.

 Iftaar for orphans will cost  $100 for one day and Iftaar for  300-400 poor and needy people will cost  $300 for one day.





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