CAIR-LA Elects New President

Mr Yasir Mahar has been elected president of the CAIR-LA Executive Committee, according to an announcement. The committee serves as a local board that oversees the work of the CAIR-LA office.

 Yasir joined the Executive Committee in 2011, after being exposed to CAIR-LA's work through a family member, who was a former employee. As a member of the executive committee, Yasir aims to ensure that CAIR-LA takes on work that is true to its stated mission. In his new role as president, he looks forward to continue providing support to CAIR-LA as it aims to empower American Muslims and ensure that their civil rights are protected.
"I'd like to thank my predecessor Asem Abusir for his commitment and dedication to serving the community," said Yasir. "He played a critical role in helping move the organization forward, and I hope to continue the great work he did. In my new position, I plan to focus on making the organization stronger financially, and moving towards one day becoming financially self-sufficient. This will only be accomplished with the larger community's help."
 Yasir graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics. He currently works in the portfolio accounting department for a financial services firm.

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