Three Pakistani Brothers Shine in UK Schools
 By Murtaza Ali Shah

London, UK: Three brothers, all British Pakistanis, have made outstanding gains in their respective educational areas, with one of them receiving scholarship at a 500-year old school and the other being declared a math ‘maestro’.

Husham Ahmad, who is 17, has received a scholarship at one of Britain’s finest and oldest schools, the “Nottingham High School” which is celebrating its 500th anniversary.

Husham Ahmad did well in the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSC) finals exam but was surprised when he learned that he actually completed the tougher criteria for Nottingham High School exam for scholarship/bursary. “I will never forget the result day when I opened my final GCSC result envelope. I had mixed emotions about it; however, I pulled through and got my reward for revising to the fullest and I am in one of the best schools in Britain and am very proud of myself because it is a great self-achievement for student like me.

“I couldn’t have achieved such higher grades in my exam without my teachers’ and parents’ continuous efforts,” he added. The Nottingham High School is renowned for its excellent academic achievements, good and quality education standards.

Zohaib Ahmad, 15, has become the head boy of the Nottingham Academy, after going through a tough competitive selection process. The Nottingham Academy is considered as the fastest growing reputable institution and got its place among one of the finest institutions for young people in the country.

Zohaib commented: “This honor honestly means a lot and is a great self-achievement and I don’t think they could have picked up anyone else better for the job but me. I have always been interested in becoming head boy and was confident that I would get the place. And I couldn’t be more proud of being head of Nottingham Academy than at any other school.”

Asher Ahmad, the youngest brother of Husham and Zohaib, who is also a student at Nottingham Academy and is 11 years old, got a level six in the Math subject – what was formerly the expected level for students three years older.

Asher Ahmad said: “I’ve worked hard at it so I was proud of myself. I love being able to do lots of different things like algebra. I really like doing math and I was very pleased that I got a good mark. I have liked doing Math at home with my parents. I feel very proud of myself indeed.” – Courtesy The Express Tribune.


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