Young Pakistani American Rewarded for Academic Excellence
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A young Pakistani American has earned the distinction of being invited to visit Washington and its important landmarks for four consecutive years in recognition of his academic excellence. Ammar Pasta, a sophomore at the North Torrance High School, has visited the White House, Capitol Building, the Pentagon and many historical monuments in recent years under the "People to People" program that accords highest recognition to academic excellence and facilitates the visit of the nation's brightest minds to the capitol's historical monuments and other attractions.

Ammar Pasta was born in Karachi, Pakistan on July 11, 1998, and raised in Torrance, California since age 2. "My maternal and paternal grandparents are highly educated and very self- motivated. So am I." Paternal grandfather, Yousuf Tayyab Pasta, is a retired civil engineer who made his mark by successfully completing a string of prestigious projects with distinction. He served the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission as Project Director. "Grandpa visits me every year, " says Ammar. "My maternal grandfather, Dr Abdul Sattar Kasmani, was in the medical profession for 20 years in Pakistan and is currently living in the USA." The two served as inspirational examples for young Ammar who has grown fully cognizant that zest and hard work are the unmistaken family hallmarks.

Successes have been spontaneous and many. "I received a presidential award in 5th grade from President Barack Obama, and also again an award in the 8th grade, " says Ammar in a tone that smacks both of humbleness and pride.

"My parents have been my inspiration, my motivation, and source of support. I also thank my family back in my home country Pakistan and in the USA for their support, especially effective duaa because of which I have been able to succeed." Abdul Rasheed Pasta and Sofia Rasheed Pasta are Ammar's devoted parents.

Ammar is no bookworm or nerd. He plays tennis and participates in the North High School League competitions. He has also been part of the Torrance Explorer Police training program. "I have been a leading part of an extra-curricular program sponsored by the Torrance Police Department called Leadership."

"S.T.E.M. (science, technical, engineering, mathematics) is what I am looking forward as my major for college. I have been receiving the awards and perfect attendance certificates all these years. I would just appreciate duaa from my fellow Pakistanis for my further education and success.

"My advice to my fellow Pakistanis and Americans is to just do what you believe in. I believed I could play tennis, so I taught myself and now Masha-Allah I play in school competitions. If you truly believe you can do something, you certainly can. And finally all these achievements could not have been possible without the support of my family, both here in the US and in Pakistan."


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