LEDtronics   Lights up Pasadena  

LEDtronics, Inc. is one of the Southern California companies helping the Pasadena City Council in its goal to “increase conservation and sustainability” and put funds to good use.  
US Department of Energy authorized the city with up to $1,507,800 in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, to be utilized “to reduce energy use and greenhouse gases and develop and retain jobs.”  
Even before the federal stimulus grant became available, LEDtronics, a Torrance-based CA firm that started the energy-saving LED lighting innovations in the US almost 30 years ago, had helped the city of Pasadena implement several light-replacement projects. Working with the city’s Department of Public Works, LEDtronics supplied fifty 40-watt LED acoustic-ceiling fixtures that replaced old 90-watt ballasted-type fluorescent fixtures in Pasadena Central Library’s document room.

Subsequently, the company designed and implemented a high-power 95-watt LED cluster for retrofit to replace metal-halide bulbs and ballasts totaling 900 watts in the pendant lighting fixtures in the library’s main lobby and other common areas. The project did not compromise the library’s historical integrity, and helped the city save tens of thousands of dollars annually in energy and maintenance costs.

LEDtronics also had helped to customize Pasadena High School’s aging message board with 2,500 red ½-watt miniature LED bulbs. Over a span of three years, LEDtronics has also worked with the Pasadena Department of Public Works for the installation of new post-top LED streetlights for the replacement of high-wattage metal-halide bulbs—part of an ongoing capital improvement project to add, refurbish or replace approximately 54 miles of street light systems around the city.  
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