Quetta Carnage: Expats Stage Protest in Houston


Dallas: The Pakistani community staged a protest demonstration outside the Pakistani Consulate and streets of Houston to show solidarity with the victims of Quetta’s Kerani Road blast in which more than 90 people were killed.

A large number of women and children participated in the rally.

The protesters were demanding Pakistan Army to take control of the province and provide protection to the Hazara community.

Maulana Shamshad Hadir, Maulana Hur Shabri, and other local clerics led the protest rally.

The speakers condemned the killing of innocent people in the strongest terms.

“The Holocaust, Rwanda, Sudan...It has become tradition to stand back, with heavy hearts and empathy, and let the abusers wipe out the innocents”, they said.

”Today they have gathered here to tell their brethren that the time has come for us to change that tradition. It’s time for us to stand up for those who have no way of defending themselves against tyrants who are violently oppressing in a fit of blind, unadulterated power,” the speakers said.

“Thousands have died. The government is silent, and the media has yet to acknowledge any of the hundreds of brutal events”, the speakers added.

This sectarian cleansing should end, they demanded. – The News



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