Brunch with Hussam Ayloush

On May 31, 2013 the Yorba Linda community held a brunch meeting with Hussam Alyoush, Executive Director of CAIR, at the residence of prominent community activist Dawar Naqvi.  The meeting was called on Friday yet many Yorba Linda community members turned up to attend it. Among the large gathering was Hafiz Aslam Patel, Imam of the Islamic Center of Yorba Linda.

Following a brief introduction of each participant, Mr Alyoush spotlighted the issues that the Muslim communities in the US have been facing for the past several years. “Decisions are made for us (Muslims) whether they are beneficial to us or not and whether we agree with these or not,” said Hussam, adding, “we never questioned the decision-makers and have not been actively participating in bringing into power those that will make sure that the interest of the Muslim communities in the United States is at the top of their agenda.” Hussam further emphasized the value of the Muslim vote: we must make the best use of it by making those contesting elections to realize that we have a choice.

Hussam  emphasized thatyouth involvement is extremely important for a positive image of Muslims and Islam. “We refer youth as the future of the development of Muslim communities, but I would say they have already established the future hope in the present time as youth are more active after several incidents that have occurred in the past years. They have demonstrated that the future is built by taking steps in the present state. We cannot wait for the future to be built for us, we have to make it happen now.”

Various examples about faith, prosperity and brotherhood among the Muslim ummah were narrated from the Islamic history by Hussam.

All participants were given the opportunity to air their views briefly about the existing social, political, and economic issues faced by the Muslim communities in the States. The participants agreed with Hussam’s observations and pledged to be more active and help the youth to be engaged in the process of changing the image of Muslims in the US to a greater degree.   

 After the brunch,, Hussam Alyoush delivered a khutbah at the Islamic Center of Yorba Linda.


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