Muslim Community of Folsom Hosts Iftar Party
By Ras H. Siddiqui

The Muslim Community of Folsom held an Iftar (breaking of the fast) on Sunday, July 14 th at the Folsom Community Center.  Folsom, located just outside California’s Capital city of Sacramento, is known for many things, including its prison. But one cannot ignore its setting by a beautiful lake, easy access to the Sierra Nevada mountains and last but not least Intel Corporation which is the largest private employer in the city. And where there is Intel, there are engineers and other professionals, many of them Muslims, and it was no surprise at this venue that people from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh dominated the numbers here.

Over 300 families are included in the membership of this Islamic organization according to its President, Atthar Mohammed who took the opportunity to address the Iftar gathering. This vibrant community has already purchased a building for its use as a Mosque in the Folsom area, a building which is still leased for commercial use till October this year. Atthar added a historical background of the Muslim community of Folsom, its current activities and future projects into his short address.

Muslims in the United States do not exist outside of the American mainstream. The presence of Special Agent Angela Ruffcorn of the FBI and Folsom City Police Chief Cynthia Renaud at this gathering did not surprise anyone since they were welcome guests who both took the opportunity to speak to the gathering. Agent Angela thanked everyone for their warmth and hospitality and opened up the floor for questions. Police Chief Cynthia’s speech was more detailed, as she gave the gathering some ideas on how to stay safe in day to day life.  It is interesting to point out here that while this gathering was a segregated affair with the men in one hall and the women in another, the special guests, Angela and Cynthia, were the only women who sat with the men!

The Iftar was broken with dates, watermelon and samosas plus water and juices. The meal after prayers consisted of pizza for the kids and standard South Asian cuisine which one is happy to note was enjoyed by all.

Ramadan certainly gives one a real appreciation for food and water.

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