Imam Mahdi Bray Appointed as New AMA National Director for Development, Organization, and Outreach

Washington DC: Imam Mahdi Bray has been appointed as the New AMA National Director for Development, Organization, and Outreach and AMA DC Director. He is a long time civil and human rights activist and formerly served as the executive director of the Muslim American Society's MAS Freedom (MASF) based in Washington, DC. Imam Bray also serves on the Board of Directors of the Interfaith Alliance, America's largest interfaith organization, the National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, and is a National Co-convener of Religions for Peace- USA.
In addition, Imam Bray has been a television and radio talk show host for many years and served as president of the Coordinating Council of Muslim Organizations (CCMO). Imam Bray has led peace missions in Bosnia, East Africa and Darfur. He has served as a liaison between the President's White House Faith-Based Initiative Program on behalf of the Muslim Community. Imam Bray is also the author of The Mosque Voter's Guide and The Political Guide for Mosque Activists.

In his capacity as the AMA Washington DC Director, Imam Bray will lead AMA efforts to build coalitions for the restoration and preservation of civil freedoms and human rights, to combat Anti-Muslim Campaigns and Islamophobia, to educate the public about the contributions of American Muslims to our society and voice their concerns, and to engage the American Muslim community in the public square and the political process.
AMA National Chairman, Dr Agha Saeed, said, "We are delighted to have Imam Bray join our organization and help lead our campaigns to empower our community. He is a well respected leader in the American Muslim community and comes with vast experience to lead our efforts in the nation's capital. With his leadership, eloquence, and vision, we believe he will be a huge asset not only for AMA but also for the entire American Muslim community as it embarks on a new phase towards defending its civil and political rights and making positive contributions in all aspects of our society."
In his new capacity with the AMA Imam Bray said, "I'm very excited to be part of an organization that has served the American Muslim community for over two decades. My hope is to bring the concerns and aspirations of our community to civil libertarians, political activists, the media, and public officials. To our detriment, our community has been ignored for so long that it's time we begin serious engagement to address our issues."


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