Amanullah Khan Takes Readers on Poetic Journey in New Book

Explore the spectrum of life’s experiences through the eyes of a doctor and poet with this new volume of poetry that contains Sufi thought and contemporary verse to Villanelle. Dr Amanullah Khan offers profound insights to reveal life at its most elemental level, exploring the relationship between humanity and the environment, and showing nature in all its forms, from the emerging, delicate wings of a butterfly to the fate of a glacier.

In “Sifting Shades,” Khan writes of joy and sorrow, describing their convergence in metaphysical and spiritual terms. His poem “To the Critic” explores the act of writing poetry and his delight in doing so: “Let me chase infinity. Let the ideas soar. Let me have the ecstasy. Let my pen explore.” A bicycle left behind becomes a metaphor for the cycle of life in “Cycle.” As Khan writes, “Wheels frozen, tires deflated, worn in the dash to nowhere. Dents on the aging frame evidenced knocks of life, flakes of decay falling off from the languished metal.” The gently amusing entry “Longevity” ponders the irony of a bushel of plums, eaten gradually. “The last remaining was so wrinkled, what a change with time. Longevity is a cruel bargain. Plum is bartered for a prune.”

Dr Amanullah Khan, an oncologist and hematologist practicing with Cancer Center Associates, belongs to numerous medical associations. He received his medical degree from King Edward Medical College and PhD from Baylor University, Texas. He has dedicated this book to his three daughters. He began learning English when he was 3, taught by his father. His mother sang Punjabi poetry to him when he was a small boy.

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Sifting Shades

Amanullah Khan

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1945-1 90 pages $9.99 US


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