‘Without Shepherds’: Seeing Pakistan through a Different and Realistic Lens

The Consul General of Pakistan and The Crewfilms, Thousand faces Media in association with Relatively Media Hollywood held a Reception-cum-Premiere of a Pak-US documentary ‘Without Shepherds’ on June 2, 2013 at the James Bridges Theatre in UCLA, Los Angeles.

‘Without Shepherds’, the eighty-minute documentary, attempts to enable the viewers to see ‘Pakistan through a different and realistic lens.’

In the midst of the first national elections in 10 years following Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, six bold Pakistanis attempt to build a new future while struggling with their country’s current crisis. Each real life character takes the first steps in a courageous new direction: a cricket star-cum-philanthropist starting a progressive political party, a female fashion model-turned-entrepreneur, a female journalist working in conservative north despite Taliban threats, an ex-mujahideen convert seeking redemption, and a rebellious sufi rocker using music to heal. As the war on terror continues, ‘Without Shepherds’ is a record of a moment where Pakistan sits at the center of a chaotic world, and of those inside trying to find a way forward bravely.

Director: Cary McClelland, Imran Babur

Producers: Billy Smith, Rob Profusek, Ryan Silbert

Editors: Faisal Azam, Connor Kalista

Cast: Imran Khan, Vaneeza Ahmad, Laiba Yousufzai, Abdullah Khan, Arieb Azhar

Languages: Urdu & English.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Its screening followed brief remarks by Consul General Tasawar Khan and Producer Billy Smith.



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