Pakistan Companies Participate in Las Vegas MAGIC Show

Las Vegas, CA: MAGIC is the largest apparel and textile industry show in the US, which is held twice a year, i.e. February and August, says a Press Release. It adds: “Due to growing size it is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center with International Pavilion and the Mandalay Bay Convention Center simultaneously.

“This show had four sections in the Las Vegas Convention Center which included Sourcing (it has all international pavilions), WWDMAGIC, Platform, and Footsteps; five more sections were housed in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, namely Project, Pooltradeshow, Menswear, Slate and Street. MAGIC has recently bought WSA Footwear show which now has become part of MAGIC’s Footstep section leading to its expansion.

“There were over 4000 exhibitors from the US and 46 countries (some countries join the regional pavilions under one banner such as Americas, Africas and ASEAN etc) and estimated attendees/visitors/buyers were around 45,000. On the sidelines of the show, 30 apparel industries related small seminars were also held.

“Pakistan has been participating in this biggest Apparel/Textile Show in US for over 15 years now. Twenty-four TDAP-sponsored companies from Pakistan participated in the MAGIC Show held in Las Vegas from February 18-21, 2013 within the commercial jurisdiction of the Trade Division, Consulate General of Pakistan, Los Angeles. Three Pakistani companies also participated on their own. Our twenty-four booths were in the International Sourcing Section while one was in the footwear section; no booth was vacant. The International Sourcing section starts a day earlier than the rest of the sections. TDAP sponsored participation trend in the MAGIC Show over the last many years continued this time as well i.e. 22 to 25 booths in February show and 28 to 32 companies in August show as the latter is a bit larger than the February show. As MAGIC is United State’s largest and most sought after apparel and textile show (even bigger with addition of recently bought WSA shoe show), Pakistan’s larger participation would definitely serve our export enhancement interest better.

“As usual, Chinese companies vastly outnumbered everyone else. This time they were the focus country as well so they had even larger participation than previous years. The other bigger participation was from India and South Korea. As per MAGIC’s initial post-show estimation, following are some of the show statistics:

  • Total number of exhibitors in the show: over 4000; in Sourcing around 1000. Total estimated attendees 45,000.
  • Major countries in Sourcing/International section: China 550 booths; India 90, Americas with 9 countries 79, ASEAN with 6 countries 60, South Korea/KOTRA 32, Hong Kong 29, Pakistan 25, Bangladesh 20, African Pavilion 16, Vietnam 10, Taiwan 20, Turkey 22. Other countries including Egypt, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil along with some European countries also participated with small numbers. Besides a very large number of individual companies, especially known brands, also participated on their own from many countries.

Pakistan Pavilion’s location was secured near the main entrance, i.e. on the corner right side. It was garnished by posters/brochures and trade promotion material and was manned by the Trade Division of the Consulate. The new look spacious Pakistan Pavilion introduced during last February show - which has TDAP approved logo ‘Vibrant Pakistan’ - was appreciated by the exhibitors, show organizers and visitors. Our companies projected a favorable image of quality products. However, many noted that price competition was even more intense, due to the weak economy that has created a buyers’ market but due to the balancing factor i.e. rising labor cost and prices of Chinese products, buyers are looking to markets like Pakistan for sourcing, which is a good sign.

“Mr. Bob Miller, former Governor of Nevada, Consul General Taswar Khan, Dr Usman Narejo Director General TDAP, Waqar Khan President of Pak-US Business Chamber along with members Arif Mansuri visited Pakistan pavilion. Commercial Counselor Eazaz Dar, who prepares the Pavilion and manages the show participation by Pakistan, briefed the visitors about Pak-US bilateral trade and Pakistani export products and introduced them to exhibitors who came from Pakistan. The visitors highly appreciated the quality of Pakistani products and wished for strengthened bilateral trade and economic ties between the two countries. In the evening Pak-US Chamber also hosted a dinner in honor of the visiting exhibitors as well despite cancellation of the planned visit of Mr. Abid Javed Akbar, Chief Executive, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP).

  • A total of 24 feedback forms were distributed and received back; 7 exhibitors termed the arrangements/facilitation as ‘Excellent’ (29%), 5 termed it as ‘Very Good’ (21%), 8 rated them as ‘Good’ (34%), 4 termed it as ‘average’ (16%) - meaning thereby that majority ,i.e. 84% of the exhibitors praised the arrangements/facilitation and were highly satisfied and only 16% demanded more (mainly free food);
  • No one gave any figure for business generation but the majority was happy and satisfied conceding developing good 10-15 business leads and contacts; few, however, showed dissatisfaction, especially the first timers;
  • Almost all the exhibitors commended the Pavilion design;
  • Most exhibitors opined and demanded that more marketing and advertisement should be done, i.e. ads should be given on MAGIC website and relevant newspapers/TV etc and free souvenir/shopping bag/pens etc distribution should be done by TDAP. Some demanded free lunches, some wished even better location and a few desired a big ceiling banner on Pakistan Pavilion exactly like the Americas Pavilion.


  • Eazaz A. Dar

Commercial Counselor

Los Angeles



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