Message from Mr Tasawar Khan
Consul General of Pakistan on the National Day of Pakistan
23 March 2013

I am delighted to extend my heartiest felicitations to my Pakistani brothers and sisters on the auspicious occasion of Pakistan Day. This day signifies the important decision taken by the Muslims of Sub-Continent on 23 March 1940, which under the dynamic leadership of Quied-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, resulted in the creation of Pakistan on 14 August 1947.

The struggle for the creation of Pakistan was hard and arduous. It demanded immense sacrifices, which were rendered by our forefathers to secure the future of their coming generations. Today, while we pay tribute to our forefathers, we recognize that despite coming a long way since 1947, we are still short of realizing their dreams. The Pakistan Resolution adopted 73 years ago envisaged a democratic state, where constitutionalism and rule of law would prevail. While proud of our achievements, we are cognizant that a lot remains to be done to accomplish their dreams and aspirations of the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a country of great geostrategic importance in the world. It had been and will continue to play its due role in the maintenance of international peace and security. We are aware of the challenges, internal as well as external, faced by our country. The most serious challenge faced by Pakistan is the threat of religious extremism and terrorism, which has its genesis in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Pakistan had been and continues to be at the forefront of international efforts against extremism and terrorism. The valiant people and Armed Forces of Pakistan have rendered great sacrifices in this regard. Despite enormous cost in blood and money, the Government and people of Pakistan stand united and resolute to meet this challenge and pursue the cherished objectives of peace, harmony and socio-economic development. The presence of a vibrant civil society, democracy, independent Judiciary, free media and most importantly the resilience of the people of Pakistan assure us that we will rise to the existing challenges with courage and fortitude. We appreciate the support and understanding of our international partners in our fight against the forces of extremism.

Pakistani communities abroad have always been at the forefront in supporting their motherland. The large Pakistan community on the Western coast is a very well organized, vibrant and patriotic community, with high levels of education, prosperity and dynamism. Let me assure you that your commitment, dedication and eagerness to help your brethren in Pakistan are a source of strength for Pakistan. The excellent work done by some organizations, led by Pakistani Americans, is really making a difference. While appreciating your contribution to socio-economic development in Pakistan, I avail this opportunity to urge you to unite, integrate, work with local communities and be the true representatives of Pakistan in the wider American society. I am confident that you will continue to play your significant role in the development of Pakistan US bilateral relations.

Let us reaffirm our pledge to stand united as a nation to face the existing challenges audaciously and continue our efforts to make Pakistan a stronger and prosperous country in the World.

Long Live Pakistan


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