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The NED community, students, faculty, staff and alumni have lost a great leader, says a press release issued by Mr Ahmed Ali, Chairman, BOD, NEDIAN-NA. It adds: The board of directors of NEDIAN-NA are saddened at the demise of retired Vice Chancellor of NEDUET, Engr Abul Kalam. May Allah give sabr to the family and friends. Ameen!

Vice Chancellor Engr Abul Kalam was a "Transformational Figure" in the truest sense of the word. This transformation is just so dramatic and evident in the NED of today. In 1996 when he took over NED, there were only four undergraduate programs in NED; now there are 23! In 1996 it took 6 years to complete the four-year degree program at NED and now it takes 4 years to complete the four-year degree. In 1996 about 380 students received the Bachelor's degree and in the commencement held recently over 1800 students graduated, including 230 post- graduate degree.


NEDIAN-NA in its 9th Alumni International Convention, "NED 2013 Connecticut", to be held from 9-6-13 through 9-8-13 will recognize Engr Abul Kalam's contributions to NEDUET. Please join us as we honor him for his contributions to NED.



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