Helping Hand Special Fundraiser “With Love to Orphans of the World”
By Fatima Farooki
Public Relations Coordinator
Pictures by Anwar Khawaja


Helping Hand for Relief and Development organized a fundraiser “With Love to Orphans of the World” on Saturday, April 27th, 2013. The purpose of the fundraiser was to raise funds for orphans of the world and to serve the guests with a wonderful dinner program to make everyone aware of the plight of orphans as well as to motivate them to promote the cause of orphans worldwide.

We are very thankful to the support of the Muslim community of Glendale, The Islamic Center of Glendale Leadership, and the Meraj Academy Stars, the students, who performed wonderfully and whose participation was facilitated by their parents, director, principal, and teachers.

The program started with an inspiring talk by Hafiz Saheb Ashrafi who also moderated the program.

We then had the Helping Hand video presentation about orphans.

Hossein Behizad spoke next and eloquently spotlighted the plight of orphans. The Meraj Academy Stars performed Nasheed that was truly inspiring.

We were further inspired by the Nasheed performed by Waseem Baig.

We also enjoyed the joint performance of Nasheed by Waseem Baig and the Meraj Academy Stars.

Fundraising by Shaikh Monzer Talib was done after the Maghrib break.

Comedy by Mohammad Amer was enjoyed by all after dinner had been served.

We thank all those who came and ask those who could not make it to the event to donate to support orphans at




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