CCN to Train "Obamacare Health Guides"


Since its rollout 3 weeks ago much has been said and written about Obamacare and the many glitches that have plagued the enrollment process at its government sponsored website . Although in an ideal world such mishaps may not happen but in the real world we live in, with so many players at the table to please and appease, we would be living in a fool’s paradise to have expected a glitch-free rollout from a program so vast and far reaching with so many variables.

So the work has just begun for us on the ground and the noise makers who have neither offered any solutions nor even accepted that there is a problem in the delivery of health care in America, can continue their deceitful rhetoric against a program that has met the approval of people congress and judiciary, to their sad discontent.

At Compassionate Care Network (CCN) we have seen and known first hand, the pain and suffering from being uninsured. We realize too that the task of overcoming the Obamacare blues and getting beyond the enrollment barriers for our community is made more daunting from lack of navigator help and government funding. Nevertheless on this difficult journey, what sustains us the most, is our faith, our passion and the support of our amazing volunteers.

Starting this Sunday CCN will initiate community workshops to train Obamacare Health Guides who will serve as mentors and guides, to those having difficulties with the enrollment process in the community.

The first workshop was held on Sunday, Oct 27, 11am-1pm at the Islamic Society of Northwest Suburbs (ISNS) in Rolling Meadows. The two-hour workshop was taught by Fatema Mirza, MBA, CCN Board Member. The workshop covered the basics of the enrollment process including information on the plans, the premiums, the subsidies and the penalties.

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