SCMCO Organizes Badminton and Volleyball Tournaments

The Southern California Muslims Community Organization (SCMCO) organized the First Award Ceremony for Badminton & Volleyball Tournaments 2013 on October 5 th, 2013.

It had organized the First Joint Masjid Badminton Tournament on June 22 nd at the San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club. The Second Joint Masjid Volleyball Tournament was held on Sept 22 nd at the American Sports Center. Almost 120 players from different masajid participated in the Tournament. Sheikh Yassir Fazaga (Religious Leader of Orange County Islamic Foundation, Mission Viejo, California) and Imam Suhail Hasan Mulla (Assistant Religious Director at the Islamic Society of Orange County) participated in the tournament. Due to sickness Sheikh Mohammed Faqih (Imam of the Islamic Institute of Orange County) could not play but supported SCMCO and his team.

The award ceremony was held at Islamic Society of Orange County. Board Member of Islamic Shura Council of Southern California Mr. Kalim Farooqi was the Chief Guest. SCMCO member Arif Hyder opened the proceedings with a warm welcome to everyone. SCMCO member Ayaz Kallem Ullah recited the a Qur'anic Surah with translation.

SCMCO Chairperson Dawar Naqvi thanked everyone for their support during his short speech. He said SCMCO’s mission was to organize activities and mobilize the community to establish brother/sisterhood and unity between different communities. He gave a short history of SCMCO events. He shared SCMCO’s goal to have Muslim Youth and Family Culture Center.

Mr Kalim Farooqi lauded SCMCO's efforts in organizing joint masjid activities for the community. He said it was the duty of every Muslim to be physically fit and to be able to participate in sports events. He gave examples of Prophet (PBUH) and his companions. He said Shura Council endorsed activities of SCMCO. He also pointed out the importance of unity. He briefly explained some activities of Islamic Shura Council of Southern California.

Prizes were presented by the chief guest Kalim Farooqi and SCMCO members Ayaz Kallemullah, Sister Asmaa S.Aly, Amjad Naqvi, Arif Hyder and SCMCO Chairperson Dawar Naqvi.

The event concluded with dua.


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