Consul General Tasawar Khan Visits Pakistan Link/Urdu Link Office
By Staff Reporter
Pictures by Anwar Khawaja
and Momina Taqi

Consul General of Pakistan, Tasawar Khan, visited Pakistan Link/Urdu Link office located in Anaheim, California. At this occasion the President of Pakistan Link/Urdu Link, Arif Zaffar Mansuri, provided a comprehensive overview of the operations and shared information about the newspapers with the Consul General. Mansuri informed that the newspaper was founded by Faiz Rehman in 1991. Under the leadership of the Editor-in-Chief, Faiz Rehman and the strong support of his brothers and father, Abdul Rehman Siddiqi, the paper flourished and became a forum for the Pakistan-American community. The control of the newspapers was then acquired by Safi Qureshey, the well-known and extremely successful IT entrepreneur who founded AST. His brother Wasi Qureshey headed the organization and the newspapers received great prominence and recognition during this period of time. In May 2007 the newspapers were acquired by Arif Mansuri, a well know industrialist and entrepreneur. Under the leadership of the current Editor-in-Chief, Akhtar M. Faruqui the newspapers have become instrumental in providing the evaluation of Pakistanís foreign policy and its stance on national and international issues having bearings on the regional and global security. In his brief remarks, Mr. Khan noted that the weekly newspapers Pakistan Link and Urdu Link are doing a superb and valuable job of serving as a bridge between the host community and the Pakistani community living in the USA. He further stated that the editorials and the news analysis published in Pakistan Link are of superb quality and it is not surprising because the well-known scholars of Pakistani origin and of the host country like Dr. Akbar S. Ahmad, Dr. Stanley Woolpert, Dr. Ahmad Hassan, Dr. Nayyar Ali, Dr. Zaheer Ahmad, Dr. Syed Amjad Hussain and Mr. Arif Hussaini, ex-Director of Ministry of Information, regularly contribute articles to Pakistan Link. Mr. Khan further noted that Pakistan Link/Urdu Link are known for their pro-Pakistan stance and the community owns these newspapers with pride because the end product is quite impressive as compared to the other similar publications of the community.

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