An Evening With Basir Kazmi Arranged By Anjuman Taraqi-E-Urdu
By Anwar Khawaja
Los Angeles, CA

Anjuman Tariqi-E-Urdu arranged an evening with famous poet Basir Kazmi at Shahnawaz Restaurant in Lakewood, Californai. Basir Kazmi who came from London, UK, is not only a very well known poet himself, but he is also the son of a very famous poet Late Nasir Kazami. Mrs Rehana Qamar, President of the Anjuman Taraqi-EUrdu had made very exquisite arrangements for this evening and the event was well attended by the fans of Urdu literature from near and far. Dr. Sabahat Asim Wasti, who came from Abu Dhabi and Zaheer Tashi, who came from San Francisco, presented papers on the poetic works of Basir Kazmi. Afterward a Mushara was held in which Basir Kazimi, Dr.Sabahat Asim Wasti, Zaheer Tashi, Sonia Khan, Wasi Hasan Naqash, Tabish Khanzada, Zaffar Abbas and Rehana Qamar presented their poetry. At the end Consul General of Pakistan, Mr. Tasawar Khan welcomed the poet Basir Kazimi to Los Angeles. Consul of Pakistan, Dr. Khalid Ejaz, presented a portrait made by Zaffar Abbass of the poet Basir Kazami. The event was conducted by Zaffar Abbass of Urdu Times very well. The event that was enjoyed by all ended at midnight.


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