LA Memorial Coliseum Sign with LEDtronics T8 LED Tubes

Before and after pictures of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum & Sports Arena Sign With Energy Hungry, Burnt out Fluorescent T8 tube lights and Energy Saving LED T8’s.

This sign is seen by thousands of commuters everyday from the North and South bound lanes from the 110 Harbor Freeway. The sign has 160 of 8 foot Fluorescent T8 tube lights.

Seeing this Iconic sign looking in such poor shape Mr. Pervaiz Lodhie President and founder of LEDtronics decided it was time to do something to improve the image of the city and the sign. Mr. Lodhie donated all the LED T8 Tube lights the sign needed. In the next photo you will see the vast improvement the LED T8 tube Lights made in the appearance of this sign.

8 foot LED T8 tube lights only consume 36 Watts of power and replaces up to 60 Watt Fluorescent T8 tube lights. LED T8 tube lights last up to 50,000 hours in the harsh outdoor environment. These are two extra benefits for USC the future operators of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Sign. With some quick math USC is already seeing the savings, the Freeway Sign is consuming almost 300 KwH less energy per day with the LED T8 tube lights; at an average cost of $.20 per KwH, that roughly equates into a $1,800.00 savings per month or nearly $20,000.00 per year!


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