Islamic Website with Extensive Library Launched
By Shahzeen Eram

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: A major Islamic website ( ) was launched here January 19 to spread the message of Islam, the Arab-News reported.
The promoter of the site is Najeeb Qasmi, a graduate of the India-based Darul Uloom Deoband and Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi.
“The website has been launched to form an electronic library, where we can upload thousands of authentic Islamic books, easily available to the readers and to present my articles on various topics in a categorical manner,” said Qasmi.
Qasmi is a regular contributor to various websites, daily newspapers and monthly magazines. He has authored three books in Urdu: Hajj-e-Mabroor, Hayya Alas Salah and Islahi Mazaamin. He also organizes an annual Haj orientation program.
The site features an extensive Islamic library with various books in Arabic, Urdu and English. It also offers user-free downloads of authentic books from the online e-library by Islamic scholars and intellectuals on Islamic literature, ahadith and Islamic history.
“Given the popularity of the Internet, many new websites with Islamic names are launched regularly, misinterpreting Islamic teachings. This website provides reliable Islamic content for users,” said Qasmi.
The site showcases educational subtitles on the explanations of the Qur'an and hadith. It covers topics on ablution, prayers, Ramadan, Zakat, Haj and Umrah.
It also provides discussions on marriage and divorce, and ethics in Islam.
“In the present age, when Islamic information comes from many sources around the globe, it becomes a huge responsibility to propagate true Islamic knowledge based on authentic hadith and history," remarked Hafeezur-Rahman Falahi, who attended the launch.
A number of Saudi and expatriate guests attended the launch ceremony.
Akhtarul-Islam Nadwi, Sarwar Hussain and Uzair Ahmed Qasmi spoke to the gathering on the use of the website. The launch ceremony was attended by Shehroz Alam, Khurshid Anwar, Aftab Nizami, K. N. Wasif, Zaigham Khan, Musharraf Ali Misbahul Haque, Safdar Mehdi, Shamsuddin Shams, Sohail Ahmed, Ubaidur Rahman, Nizam Sheikh, Ghizal Mahdi, Ahsan Nadwi, Qaiser Hameed and many others from different Islamic institutions.



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