AMWA Annual Hujjaj Dinner and Fundraiser 2013
By Saba Khan

On the cold and crisp evening of Jan 12 th, 2013, the Tumbleweed Banquet Hall witnessed a vibrant get-together as families and friends attended the American Muslim Women Association’s (AMWA) Annual Hujjaj Dinner and Fundraiser.

The first hour of social gathering over, hot chai and warm, delicious pakoras set the tone for the rest of the evening. Soon, the hall was filled with familiar faces, laughter, and greetings as Saba Farooqi, AMWA President welcomed everybody, and congratulated all new Hajis. The evening started with a recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Salman Faizi followed by delightful Nasheeds by young Bilal Choudhrey and Faizi. Next, AMWA board member Gul Siddiqi introduced Imam Baseer, who spoke eloquently about how we should support each other for the right cause, and how Allah brings barakats to those who help others. To show our gratitude, Bilal Chaudhrey and Imran Jan presented an AMWA plaque to Imam Baseer for his continued support.

As mild aroma of delectable kebabs filled the Banquet Hall, AMWA Secretary Saba Khan made a presentation on how AMWA as the only Muslim organization in Arizona works to empower women and families by helping them emotionally, morally, and financially. Dr. Khan also highlighted AMWA's unique and multidimensional approach in establishing programs that help promote local Muslim businesses, assist Muslim refugees via an outreach program, and help community youth enhance their leadership skills.

The evening became more exciting as Lubna Ahmed and Hanan Ismail conducted a Hajj quiz and winners received gift bags. The highlight of the evening came from a $1000 donation from ICNA; AMWA's Treasurer Eram Khan received the check from ICNA Coordinator as well as AMWA board member, Shahnaz Ahmad.

As the guests enjoyed their drinks, AMWA Vice President, Shabana Fayyaz thanked everybody for their support and urged the audience to open their wallets and help with AMWA’s cause. The evening concluded with scrumptious food and dessert from Copper Kettle.

(AMWA would like to thank Br. Yousuf Bhuvad for his photography, ICNA for their generous donation, and Pak-West, Al-Mushriq, and Muslim Voice for their help with promoting AMWA)



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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