Irvine and Karachi Friendship City Project

Councilman Larry Agran of the City of Irvine informed the huge gathering of Pakistani Americans on Pakistan Day March 23rd at The Angel Stadium of a cricket stadium to be built on the lawns of the Orange County Great Park thanks to the strivings of the Irvine Pakistani Parents Association.

He also informed the Pakistani Americans of the upcoming Irvine City Council meeting on April 8th at 6 PM at which the vote on Irvine and Karachi Friendship City Project will be taken. These two monumental projects will not only highlight the role of the Pakistani community in Irvine but also make the city a role model for integration and inclusion. Councilman Agran lauded the efforts of the longtime Irvine resident, Anila Ali for CA State Assembly District 74 and stated that "Anila Ali will be a prized gift to Sacramento from Irvine."


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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