New President of Islamic Society of Orange County

The Islamic Shura Council congratulates and joins the Islamic Society of Orange County (ISOC) in welcoming its new President, Sister Duaa Alwan, a lifetime Islamic worker and a long time resident of Orange County.

Sister Dua has been associated with ISOC for more than two decades and has served the community in various ways including but not limited to, leading/service programs - Mommy and Me; Summer Camps, Boy Scouts and Youth Group[s]. She is also a member of the Islamic Speakers Bureau and works closely with young professionals in mentoring their professional and spiritual life.

In a conversation with the Shura Council, Sister Duaa reaffirms that " ISOC will always have room for everyone who wants to be a constructive member of our community. ISOC has a legacy of being a cornerstone of the Muslim community in Southern California and will, InshaAlalh, continue to lead the way now and in future."



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