Deepak Perwani Crowned 6th Best Fashion Designer in the World
By Nida Tapal

After being nominated a few months ago, top Pakistani fashion house, Deepak Perwani has been ranked number one in the Middle East region by Bulgarian Fashion Awards (BFA) and 6th best fashion designer in the world, with a total score of 7925.77 points.

Perwani has won a total of five Eirine Awards, which is another name for BFA, and has been formally invited to various receptions. His house has received four slots at BFA and two slots at the SOFIA Fashion week couture.

The fashion designer has also received Euros 6000 as cash prize.

Speaking to Dawn, Perwani explained that Eirene awards aren’t like usual awards. They are named after a goddess of peace and prosperity and they honor fashion designers' work for their respective countries, which include promotion of humanitarian causes like education and women’s empowerment.

“This award is not based just on fashion, but your [the designer's] contribution as an entity.”

Receiving a total of five awards, three of his more specific awards include:

    • “Fan’s Favorite” Award for 3,694 public votes on Facebook.
    • “Unique Acknowledgements” Award for his Guinness World Record for making the largest kurta ever, to fit the size of a 175 ft tall person. (The kurta was later used to make smaller kurtas for children in the Edhi Foundation).
    • “Charity and Humanitarian Support" Award for being involved with 11 global charitable organizations.

For his philanthropic services, especially for his donation of the record kurta, a statue is to be erected for him at the International Fashion Museum in Plovdic, Bulgaria.

He has also received an extended offer of a four-year participation in Fashion Week Bulgaria and five-year participation as a celebrity fashion stylist at the Bulgaria Music Awards.

Perwani is notable for charitable services. He also gives away extra cloth to Sindhi women from various villages every month to promote their entrepreneurship.

Perwani has also established his name in Milan, Miami, Malaysia and Colombo, and will soon be showcasing at a fashion week in Kenya, and later in Delhi.

When asked about his upcoming projects, Perwani said, "Something big is coming up."

However, he could not disclose any further information. Perwani is not only contributing to Pakistani fashion industry, but is also taking the international fashion industry by storm. We'll just have to wait and see what his latest "surprise" is all about. - Dawn


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