Coastline Community College California Launched in Pakistan

The Coastline Community College, California was launched on Wednesday, 3 rd December 2014, at the Marriot Hotel, Karachi. The ceremony marked the entry of the first American community college in Pakistan, thanks to CalPak Education Services.  

After a presentation on the Coastline College and the concept of community college, Anila Ali, appreciated  the US government’s support and the USAID’s efforts in promoting education in Pakistan and making it a priority. On this occasion, Congresswoman Judy Chu shared her video message of congratulations.

The keynote speakers were Mr Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Senior Minister for Education and Literacy; Mr Leon S. Waskin, Deputy Mission Director Pakistan USAID; Mr Fazlullah Pechuho, Sindh Secretary of Education and Mr Jam Khan Shoro, Minister of Fisheries and Livestock who was also on the panel.

The Sindh government officials lauded the efforts of CalPak Education Services and acknowledged the importance of providing higher education opportunities to students in Sindh. Mr Leon Waskin of USAID gave a detailed explanation of community college and its importance in America as a way to make college not a dream but a reality.  

In his keynote address Mr Khuhro extended his assurance to help in the penetration of this initiative into northern parts of Sindh. Secretary Fazullah Pechuho assured Ms Anila Ali, Coastline Community College’s representative in Pakistan, of his department’s support in this laudable initiative. The well-known fashion designer, an industry icon, lightened the mood by sharing his experience as a Coastline parent.

About Coastline Community College: Coastline Community College is located in California. California community colleges are the largest system of higher education in the United Stated, ¼ of the students in the US attend a California Community College. Coastline Community College is the most cost-effective system of education: 48% of UC’s bachelor’s degrees in STEM(science, technology, engineering and math) are completed by students who transfer from community colleges.

About CALPK: With the help of CALPAK Education Services, Coastline Community college introduces the first Distance Learning program of its kind. CALPAK is the first company of its kind to partner with a college in the US to provide affordable and accessible online education to Pakistani students with the option of transferring to any four-year university in the US. Coastline College’s unique, highly technologically enhanced virtual classroom type instructional  strategies, with excellent curricula, make it one of the best community college AA and AS degree programs in the US. This two-year online course provides students a chance to achieve their dream of getting a US Associate of Art degree or Associate of Science degree for one-fifth cost of a four-year degree in the US. Moreover, students have the option to transfer after the two-year degree to any US university, thus lowering the tuition from approximately $250,000 to $100,000 for international students.

CalPak will provide:

  • Placement exams for admission eligibility
  • College and career counseling
  • Financial aid for deserving students through our partners
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to books, computers and study materials

About Distance Learning: Distance Learning is relatively a new concept which amalgamates contemporary technology with traditional classroom simulations, bringing the best of both worlds. Distance learning is a convenient and affordable option fulfilling degree requirements. It is  academically proven and has a well-produced curriculum developed by the faculty members.

The AA and AS degree is a great option for students desiring a US degree that’s cost-effective without a compromise on quality. Please visit the website for more information:



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