Religious & Political Figures Gather for Peace Agreement in City of Carson

Carson, CA: Residents of the city of Carson witnessed Dec 6  The Peace Summit of the Americas, an interfaith dialogue on peace and cessation of war hosted by peace advocate Man H. Lee and his organization Heavenly Culture World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL). Mr Lee has officially visited 74 countries where he held many interfaith peace dialogues including the city of Carson back in May. With much success of his first visit in Carson and most recently, the three-day World Alliance of Religions for Peace (WARP) Summit in September, many top religious and governmental leaders have shown support for the global movement of peace.  

“More than just words, let’s correct these conflicts, let’s make changes, and not just say, ‘We want peace, we want peace’ but do nothing about it,” said Chairman Lee. “If we all together as one family and as peace advocates become a world where the heavens can acknowledge us, then there will be peace.”

HWPL’s main platform is to create the Office of Alliance of Religions for Peace, in which religious leaders study sacred texts in the name of peace and also the drafting of an international law for world peace and cessation of war.

Among the keen supporters of HWPL are Carson Mayor Jim Dear and Carson Mayor Pro Temp Elito M. Santarina who sent council member Alberto Robles to the WARP Summit on their behalf. “We are really delighted in Carson to be part of this world movement of bringing religions together, because that is the fundamental move toward justice,” said Mayor Jim Dear.

With HWPL’s work for peace through the alliance of religions, religious leader Guru Nanak said this, "First Allah created the light, then he created human beings. Then who is good, and who is bad? We are all brothers and sisters under one creator." A key event that happened earlier this year was HWPL’s success in Mindanao with the peace agreement signing between the leaders of the Catholic and Islamic faith that has transformed into huge support from followers of both faiths living in the United States.

With the approval of both high officials of Carson, Mr Man H. Lee and Ms Kim Nam Hee of International Women Peace Group have become honorary citizens of Carson. In addition, Mr Lee and Chairwoman Kim Nam Hee were awarded with the proclamation of an official HWPL Day from the City of Carson on every May 25 th to commemorate the day when the HWPL Declaration of Peace was first declared.

Other notable speakers at the peace summit were Filipina Princess Maria Amor Torres, founder of We Care for Humanity, Congressman Alan Lowenthal of California’s 47 th District, and Congressman Fernando Meza of Chile. 





Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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