Misbah ul Haq Reveals his Humanitarian Side by Visiting Saba Homes

Misbah-Ul-Haq, the captain of Pakistani cricket team, showed his sympathy and support for the most disadvantaged segment of the society - the orphaned children in Pakistan - by visiting one of the unique orphan support projects in the country, namely, Saba Homes. He stayed with the children for several hours taking time out of his busy schedule due to the domestic cricket tournament.

The children presented him a flower bouquet upon his arrival at the Saba Homes. They also presented a tableau on the current situation in Pakistan. Misbah-ul-Haq addressed the children and encouraged them to study hard for a brighter future and for changing Pakistan’s image worldwide. He inquired about their education and future plans. Misbah- also had a meeting with the Chairman of Saba Homes, Mr Saghir Aslam, during his visit.


During his visit Misbah said, “These orphan girls are very lucky to have people like Mr Saghir Aslam who is taking care of them like his own daughters and providing them proper formal as well as Islamic education which has disappeared in our daily lives and the quality time that they are giving to these children which we don’t give to our own children now a days.”


Misbah has pledged to continue supporting Saba Homes by promoting the project and through fundraising in Pakistan and abroad for its sustainability.


Aroosa, a young orphan girl at Saba Homes, stated on the occasion, It is a great honor for us that the captain of Pakistan Cricket Team visited us even though he is so busy with cricket games. We pray that our national cricket hero succeeds in the upcoming matches.”


Chairman and Founder of Saba Homes Mr Saghir Aslam while sharing his views said, “Visits by public figures such as Misbah-ul-Haq are a source of great encouragement and energy for the orphan girls and the entire Saba Homes team.” He added, “I want the world to know that our people care for others and help those in need when they need their help. Today’s visit of Misbah is a great example of this. We would like to encourage and welcome anyone who wants to witness our unique project.”

Saghir Aslam and his wife Bushra Aslam are well-known philanthropists who have been helping people in the developing countries for the past 48 years. Many years back they felt the need for an institution that will cater for the most vulnerable and poorest of the poor - the orphans in Pakistan. They left comfortable lives they were living in USA and moved to Pakistan to not only build the institution for orphans but to help Pakistan change its global image to a peaceful, peace-loving, prosperous nation.


The orphan girls belong to various regions of Pakistan, including Sindh, Kashmir, KP and Punjab. Currently, there are 40 orphan girls with age ranging from 4 to 16. They go to one of the best private schools in the area, they are provided the best quality accommodation, computer education, Martial Arts training, capacity building and personal development programs, interfaith exposure visits, and much more. The aim is to produce future leaders, educationists, doctors, engineers, lawyers and philanthropists from Saba Homes.

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