Petition against Musharraf’s Trial


An appeal to Mr Ban Ki-moon, United Nations General Secretary, has been launched against the trial of former President Parvez Musharraf of Pakistan. The petition organizer is Mr Esmail Naqeeb of Bridgewater, IL. According to the petition’s website,

The treason trial started against the former president of Pakistan is politically motivated and we demand the United Nations to intervene and try to halt this trial which is based on political vendetta. The charges against him are revenge for his ousting of Sharif, the elected prime minister, in a 1999 coup when he was head of the army. The judges in charge of the case have been selected by Sharif and would not conduct a fair trial.

"Politicians have no business hand-picking judges to try their opponents," said Steven Kay, a member of Musharraf's legal team.

“The judges appointed for this trial can’t be regarded as impartial since they had been affected by a crackdown on Pakistan's judiciary during Musharraf's near-decade of military rule. The three judges appointed to try Musharraf's case have an obvious conflict of interest that it is reasonable to call them to withdraw.”

The petition organizer feels that a large number of participants are required in order for it to be successful. See

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