Jan 24th Designated as Day of Prayer for Rain


Anaheim, CA: The Islamic Shura Council has designated this Friday January 24th as a special day of prayer for rain in response to Gov. Jerry Brown's announcement last week that California is in a state of drought . We ask all mosques to hold special supplications to God for rain (Salat al Istisqa) after the weekly congregational Friday prayers.

We also ask all full-time Islamic Schools to hold special prayers for rain and help children understand the importance of minimizing their water usage at home and wherever they may be.

"As human beings, we can neither create nor produce rain but the Creator can. So we ask God, the all merciful, to bless us with abundant rain to fill our lakes and rivers and have mercy on us in the State of California," said Dr Muzammil Siddiqi, the Chairman of the Islamic Shura Council.

"To create a statewide prayer vigil for rain, we have coordinated with our sister councils in Bakersfield and Northern California who are also designating this week to pray to end the drought in the State of California," said Shakeel Syed, the Executive Director of the Islamic Shura Council. "We are also urging our other sister councils in Michigan and Illinois to also ask their member Mosques to pray for the State of California."

We urge the community to actively work to conserve water and remember the Qur'anic principle that God loves those who do not waste.

Please consider taking the following steps:

  • Imams - Prophetic advice with respect to drought and rain after each daily prayer
  • Mosques - hold community dialogs on Friday evenings
  • Families - study the Holy Qur'an about those who waste and those who conserve
  • Calculate your total family water usage
  • Learn some easy steps to save water indoors and also outdoors
  • Try to water your lawn every other day instead of every day, also water in the early morning or at night
  • Institute shorter showers at home. One way to make this happen is set a timer or take a cold water bath

When you visit a restaurant, ask the waiter to not bring water unless you ask for it and ask them to give you water only as much as you need

  • Skip your car washes for a while or use a bucket of water rather than the hose to minimize water usage.

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