Pakistani-American Data from US Census 2010

Here are some of the highlights of Pakistani-American data from US Census 2010 as gleaned from a report titled "A Community of Contrasts Asian Americans in the United States: 2011" published by Asian-American Center For Advancing Justice
1. There are 409,163 Pakistani-Americans in 2010, the 7th largest Asian-American community in America.
2. Pakistani-American population doubled from 2000 (204,309) to 2010(409,163), the second largest percentage increase after Bangladeshis'157% increase in the same period.
3. 6% of Pakistani-American population is mixed race.
4. 65% of Pakistanis in America are foreign-born. 57% of foreign-born
Pakistani-American population is made up of naturalized citizens.
5. There are 120,000 Pakistani legal permanent residents of which 42%
are eligible to naturalize.
6. There were 69,202 immigrant visas issued to Pakistanis from 2001 to
2010, the 5th highest among Asian nations.
7. 28% of Pakistanis have limited English proficiency.
8. Average per capita income of Pakistani-Americans is $24,663.00
9. 15% of Pakistanis are classified as poor; only 1% of them are on public assistance.
10. 8% of Pakistanis are unemployed, a figure lower than the gene population of Americans.
11. 55% of Pakistanis own their own homes.
12. 55% of Pakistanis have a bachelor's degree or higher.
13. Median age of Pakistanis in America is only 29 years, lower than
most of the Asian groups and the national median age of 36.8 years.
Pakistani-American community is the second fastest growing community in
the United States, according to 2010 US Census
It is also a very young community with the median age of just 29 years,
compared to 32 years for Indian-Americans and 37 years for all
Asian-Americans. 34% of Pakistani-Americans are under the age of 17
compared with 26% of Indian-Americans and 24% of all Asian-Americans.
More Pakistanis in America are college educated than the general
population of whites and various immigrant groups. The youthful energy
and higher education levels of Pakistani-Americans are opening doors for
them to rise and shine in America, in spite of the current economic
difficulties in their adopted land of opportunities.

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