Muslim Community of Folsom Holds Grand Opening of New Mosque
A Pakistan Link Report

It was not just any ordinary Saturday, rather it was a very special and a momentous occasion as the Muslim community in Folsom, CA witnessed their long awaited dream come true of having a masjid of their own with the blessing of Allah SWT and the hard work of the community volunteers and supporters. For almost 19 years, the Muslims in the Folsom community had to constantly pack and unpack for Friday prayers from place to place. On this memorable day, June 21 st 2014, the Folsom Muslim Community finally settled down in its own masjid and can proudly call this place their new permanent home, Alhamdulillah.

One believes that everything happens with the grace, will and decree of Allah (SWT) and indeed it is from his infinite mercy that through a group of dedicated volunteers and unified community support, that the house of Allah SWT is finally built! May Allah (SWT) accept our community ’s efforts, big and small, and help us in taking maximum benefits of the Masjid and Muslim Community Center in Folsom.

The community in Folsom purchased a ~10,000 square foot building in March 2013 for $1.3M. Construction had to wait until the last tenant left the building in January, 2014. It began in late March and with the help of Allah (SWT) concluded in mid-June. The facility has a men’s and women prayer area, youth sports and recreational room, a baby-sitting room, a conference room, an office, kitchenette, and a special room for mothers with infants. The facility is also equipped with top of the line audio/visual equipment and all other necessary amenities. The Muslim Community of Folsom (MCF) requests all the Muslims to remember us in their duas, and pray that Allah (SWT) enables our masjid to be a source of light and guidance for all.

There were close to 400 people in attendance for the inauguration of the Folsom Masjid and Community Center. Masjid Imam, Imam Aamir Nazir led and hosted the program which began first with the Asr prayer at the new masjid and later concluded with the Maghrib Salah. Later, MCF Masjid president, Brother Mohammed Atthar welcome d the guests and highlighted a few of the achievements to date of the new organization. MCF, since its inception, has had just one very clear mission - a permanent place for the Folsom Muslim community.

The stage , was blessed with numerous scholars seated from all over the region including Imam Azeez (SALAM), Mufti Muddasir (Fremont) , Imam Kashif (Rancho Cordova), Moulana Meraj, Shaikh Muhammed (MAS), Shaikh Rifat, and Dr Sheikh Ahmed Khairat. They all shared enlightening words of encouragement and support and reflected on the important functions of the Masjid, and its importance in using it as a springboard for community development, outreach and spreading the true image of Islam. The second half of the program was about showing gratitude and giving thanks to the many professionals and brothers who sacrificed much of their time over the years to make this construction project a success. May Allah (SWT) bless the new masjid and make it a beacon of light for all!


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