SCMCO Organizes Third Joint Masjid Table Tennis Tournament 2014

On March 15- 16 over 150 players from 22 mosques and institutions from all over Southern California participated in the “Third Joint Masjid Table Tennis Tournament 2014” held at the at Joseph Bae Table Tennis Club in Santa Ana.

The tournament was the ninth mega event organized by SCMCO to bring the Muslim community together through social activities.

On March 15th an All-Sisters event, Youth and Over 65 were held. The tournament started at 9:30 am and ping pong balls continued flying back and forth between players until the evening on Saturday.

Players' enrollment was conducted by Sister Asmaa Aly, Sister Saba Ali, Sister Samina Haque and Sister Najma Hyder. The Rules and Regulation Committee comprised of Amjad Naqvi, Alam Akthar, Arif Hyder, Mothesham Shah, Ali Haque and Farhan Qadri. Alam Akthar was the Event spokesman.

Brother Alam Akthar opened the proceedings with a warm welcome to the players and audience.

Lunch was served to all volunteers and players. Salat was performed on regular basis. SCMCO organized the congregational salat timings.

In a press release SCMCO Chair Dawar Naqvi thanked everyone for their contribution and support. He expressed gratitude to Allah SWT for the success of the event. He also expressed his thanks to several individuals for their wholehearted support, including Sister Asmaa Ally, Sister Najma Hyder, Sister Saba Ali, Sister Samina Haque, Br. Amjad Naqvi, Br. Alam Akthar, Br. Arif Hyder, Br. Mohtesham Shah, Br. Farhan Qadri, Br. Ali Haque, Br.Firoze Mustafa, Br. Hany ElHanbaly and more. SCMCO congratulates the Table Tennis Tournament Winners.


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