Open Mosque Day


The Shura Council is pleased to announce that more than 25 Mosques will be participating in this year's Open Mosque Day, says an announcement. It adds: We encourage the community to avail of this opportunity and invite your friends of all faith traditions to visit a neighborhood Mosque . In response to the demand from our interfaith friends, this year Open Mosque Day will be observed for two days on Saturday Oct 18th and Sunday Oct 19th.

  • We ask Muslims to download the Open Mosque Day flyer and share it with your friends and neighbors.
  • We request our interfaith friends and groups to spread the word to your congregations and communities.
  • We request all places of worship to call us at (714) 373-6473, if you would like to have a free Open Mosque Day poster for your community.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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